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Build your next Hugo website with stackable content bricks

Hugobricks is a free website theme for Hugo. It makes building Hugo websites child’s play due to its stackable (LEGO-like) content bricks. How about this ‘intro brick’ with a clear call-to-action? Stack it on top of some image bricks and a pricing table and build a complete website in seconds!

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What’s included in Hugobricks?

Hugoplate is a comprehensive starter theme that includes everything you need to get started with your Hugo project. As all the Wordpress theme builders say: This is the last theme you will ever need. Included are:

  • 10+ Pre-build pages
  • 99+ Google Pagespeed Score
  • Built with Hugo and CSS variables for easy styling
  • Fully responsive on all devices
  • SEO-optimized for better search engine rankings

What bricks are available?

We aim to provide the following bricks: intro, title, image, cta, contact, team, testimonials, about, pricing, products, product, usps, stats, gallery, quote, faqs, brands, video, blogs, post, related.

We are constantly adding bricks and shortcodes to this theme. Are you missing a brick or a shortcode? Let us know! We will build it for you!

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The Ultimate Hugo theme

Hugobricks covers all components you would like to have at hand. It is a power engine for your web oriented projects. It has excellent performance in all categories.

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