Logo image

This sets the image in the header. Omitting a value here results in a ’text logo’ as you can see on this website. The text logo consists of the value in title field that can be found in the ‘general.yaml’ file in the data folder and the logo_subtitle field that you can find in this data file.

Logo subtitle

When you choose to omit the value for logo_image the ’text logo’ will appear. The text logo consists of the value in title field that can be found in the ‘general.yaml’ file in the data folder and this logo_subtitle field.

Mobile view at

This numeric value determines at which width the class ‘mobilemenu’ is added to the body. This class acts as a adjustable media query. In the example it is set to 1000, which means a width of 1000 pixels.

When you choose CSS ‘sticky’ header refers to a type of header element that maintains its position on the screen while scrolling, up until a specified point where it becomes fixed. Unlike a regular static header, a sticky header will stay visible to the user, even as they scroll through the content on the webpage. A ‘sticky’ header is achieved by applying the CSS position property with a value of ‘sticky’ to the header element.

This is an array that holds the footer menu. The items in this array consist of a title and a link field. In the title you put the page title and in link you put the relative url of that page.

Call To Action (CTA)

The header CTA is the button in the top right corner of each page. You can turn the CTA ‘on’ or ‘off’ by setting the ‘active’ variable to true or false. The title and the link define the text and link of the button.

  active: true
  title: Get started
  link: /get-started/


Preheader is defined as the first ‘section’, at the top of the page body. You can activate it, choose a dark or light style and define which text to show.

  active: true
  is_light: true
  text: Open Mon-Fri from 9.00-5.00

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