12 Island Boat Trip

📍 Fethiye Harbor

12 Island Boat Trip

12 Island Boat Trip

Explore Turkey’s natural beauty, rich culture, and ancient cities. Boat trips in Fethiye are getting more popular, especially in the summer. Fethiye is a great spot for boat trips in Turkey. There are many options for boat trips from Fethiye Harbour. You can go on daily boat trips to beautiful islands with a lot of history. Our trips include swimming breaks, freshly cooked lunch, and sailing on less crowded boats to quiet islands. Guests love coming back to us because of the beautiful sunsets, sunrises, and the green pine forests.

—These are some of the spots we will vist—




Şövalye Island

In the Island where the crusader of Rhodes used to fight bravely, a modern social facility offers you a variety of opportunities to spend your special day. You can enjoy a tranquil atmosphere in the island situated close to the Fethiye Port in the busy area of Fethiye.

Yassıca Island

You have another chance of swimming in this island, which consists of 4 small islands, so that you can enjoy swimming freely from a beach to another beach of those small islands.

Tersane Island

This island is biggest among all the 12 Islands, and you can visit some remains from the period of the former Russian Empire and other ruins to deepen your knowledge of history.

Domuz Island

Another spot to call in is Domuz Island. In past times, a variety of species of pigs were living in this island.

Kızıl Island

We spare some time for swimming in the turquoise water around the island. Besides, you have a chance to see the only lighthouse of the island built long time ago, and you can enjoy the stunning views of Fethiye from the lighthouse.


We pick you up from your hotel to our boat, and bring you back to your hotels. The fee is included in the price and there’s no extra charge.


Drinks served on the boat and personal expenditures at the visiting spots are not included in the price. You need to bring some cash with you to pay for them.

Our friendly pricing

We are pleased to inform you that we offer group discounts and family discounts. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us to discuss potentially advantageous arrangements tailored to your needs.

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