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Ölüdeniz Boat Trip

The best way to spend your holiday is to embark on a boat trip with us and explore the best bays and islands around Ölüdeniz. Our Ölüdeniz boat tour lasts approximately 6 hours and includes a delicious meal. During this full-day excursion, you’ll get to explore Butterfly Valley, Aquarium Bay, Cold Water Bay, St. Nicholas Island, and Camel Beach all in one day. We spend about 30 to 60 minutes at each stop. At one of our stops, you’ll have the chance to participate in water sports such as Ringo, Banana Boat, and Parasailing. Our stops and duration may vary depending on the weather conditions.

—These are the spots we will vist— 📍

Butterfly Valley

Butterfly Valley is renowned for its rich biodiversity, and as we explore the lush surroundings, you’ll soon discover why it’s named after the countless colorful butterflies that call this place home.

Aquarium Bay

Our guests will enjoy an open buffet lunch at this captivating natural marvel, where the ocean floor is readily visible, presenting a clear and inviting view, perfect for observing marine life. Don’t forget to bring your goggles to fully appreciate this place.

Cold Water Bay

Cold Water Bay, gets its name from the cold springs coming from the Taurus Mountains into the sea. The water is colder here than other places on the coast. This can be great on hot days. People like to jump off rocks into the water for fun. It’s also good for hiking.

St. Nicolas Island

Explore Gemiler Island, home to old churches from long ago. People say it’s where Saint Nicholas (Santa Clouse) was buried first. Christians hid here from the Romans and then made a town. But Arabs came later, and everyone left. Now it’s empty, but you can visit and see the ancient buildings and beautiful views. Gemiler Island is waiting for you to discover its story.

Camel Beach

Camel Beach has awesome sand, perfect for swimming and sunbathing. The shallow water is great for both swimmers and non-swimmers, especially kids. It’s called Camel Beach because of the stones that look like camel humps.

Family Boat

Family Boat

Our top priority is the happiness of our guests. We ensure your safe voyage. Complying with all regulations for a comfortable and healthy boat journey. We play the latest chill-out and soothing music to enhance your experience without ruining your day. We pride ourselves on being the most relaxing boat for you, your family, and friends. We stick to a strict schedule to ensure frequent visits to the least crowded coves. More enjoyment, fewer boats! We offer you the finest beverages from renowned brands.

Party Boat

Ölüdeniz Party Boat

The Ölüdeniz Party Boat features a captivating pirate theme with a fun foam party with well desgined high quality music system, capable of accommodating up to 120 passengers. Re-designed in 2024, our boat is now available for your enjoyment. Our experienced captain and crew are committed to delivering high-quality service, ensuring you have a memorable and enjoyable day on board.

Private Boat

Ölüdeniz Private Boat Tour

If you wish to rent a boat for your family our boats can carry out about 18 people. We Will stop at the same routs as the classical boat tour but this can be a very special trip for your family. the tour starts at 11 and ends at 4 and lunch is included


Speed Boat

Oludeniz Speed Boat Tour

You can rent a speed boat to do a custom tour. The places you can visit are the same as the usual boat trip but you can also customize it with your favorite drinks and have a private privilege. At Ölüdeniz Speed boat tour you can come up to 6 people

Ölüdeniz speed boat is priced with hourly usage and generally full during the season. Speed boat prices can change so we would recomend you to text us for the lates pricing.


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