ATV Safari Tour

Kayaköy, Fethiye 📍

About The Tour


Fethiye Atv Safari

Wouldn’t it be great to embark on an adventurous journey? In the heat of summer in Fethiye, a pleasant trip awaits you on an open-top ATV to see remarkable locations.

You can choose to ride solo on an ATV or opt for one ATV for two people. Your transfer to the activity, insurance, fuel, and an instructor who will provide you with docs and guidance are included.

ATVs are automatic and quite easy to use, so they don’t require a special license!

This tour is mostly off-road, meaning you’ll be traversing through forests, encountering breathtaking views, and plenty of mud along the way. Therefore, we recommend choosing your clothing accordingly.

The photos taken during the tour will be shown to you after the activity, and you can purchase them if you wish.

You can join the ATV tour at three different times of the day: morning, noon, and evening.


Are under 18.
Are an Asthmatic.
Have Circulatory Conditions.
Is Pregnant

Pickup Times


Oludeniz: 08:15

Ovacık: 8:30

Fethiye: 08:00


Oludeniz: 13:00

Ovacık: 13:15

Fethiye: 12:45


Oludeniz: 16:00

Ovacık: 16:15

Fethiye: 15:45

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