Horse Riding

📍 Fethiye, Ovacık

About Our Farm

We, Turks have always been together with horses and adoring them since we came into the world. Horses are already our irreplaceable, reliable close friends. Horse riding is one of the best activities which you can try during staying in Fethiye. There’re two routes for the tour. If you like, you can follow paths in the forest and take a broad view of Fethiye, or start from Hisarönü and excursion to Kayaköy. We guarantee your pleasant time.


Our team consists of three dedicated staff members who handle customer service, horse care, and stable maintenance. Ensuring our horses grow up healthy and happy depends on maintaining clean and hygienic stables, where they spend much of their lives. That’s why we make sure to clean and maintain them daily.


Çalış Beach: 07:50

Fethiye: 08:00

Ovacık: 08:30

Hisarönü: 08:30

Ölüdeniz: 08:30

Liberty Likya: 08:15


Ovacık: 15:30

Hisarönü: 15:30

Ölüdeniz: 15:30

Liberty Likya: 15:15


Ovacık: 18:00

Hisarönü: 18:00

Ölüdeniz: 18:00

Liberty Likya: 17:45

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