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Skydiving Education

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P2 (Entry)


The Paragliding Training Basic Course (P2) typically spans a minimum of 7 days, adjusting according to the number of trainees and weather conditions.


  • Age: Applicants must be over 14 years old.
  • Physical Criteria: Height between 1.5m and 2.1m, weight between 40kg and 120kg.
  • Education: Must have completed primary school.
  • Health: Applicants must be in good health, both mentally and physically, suitable for sports.


  • ID: Original and copy of ID card.
  • Criminal Record: Required for those over 18, issued within 6 months before the course start date.
  • Blood Type: Any official document showing the applicant’s blood type.
  • Educational Background: Documents verifying the applicant’s educational history.
  • Consent: Letter of consent from a guardian if the applicant is under 18, confirmed by a notary.
  • Photos: Four recent ID photos taken within 6 months.
  • Insurance: Proof of flight accident insurance or bank transfer documents for premium payments.
  • Medical Report: Report from a local medical institution on the applicant’s fitness for paragliding, and if deemed necessary by the trainer, a report from a recognized medical organization.


Equipment Introduction - Aerodynamics - Meteorology - Wing Management - Aeronautical Rules - Emergency Procedures - Ground Handling Practices

involve learning to prepare the wing for flight, control the wing overhead, and start running in the required manner for takeoff. Trainees are evaluated by the trainer on theoretical knowledge and practical skills, followed by an exam with a passing score of 75%.


Trainees undertake 7-10 flights from hilltops at heights ranging from 60-350m above sea level to acclimatize gradually to height. Maximum acceptable wind speed during this stage is 20km/hour. Successful completion earns trainees the “THY Paragliding Certificate” and “Paragliding Pilot License”.


Wing, harness, reserve parachute, helmet, and walky-talky.


Accommodation, meals, transportation, and travel expenses.


Training can be conducted in any province with a group size exceeding 10 people. Preferable regions include Denizli, Fethiye and Alanya due to favorable terrain and wind conditions.

PRICE: Cost: 1000 Euros

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P3 Training Program Overview:

The Intermediate Paragliding Training Program is structured into three progressive stages aimed at enhancing the trainee’s skills and knowledge over a total of 40 Flights spanning approximately 15 hours of flight time. The duration of the course is a minimum of 30 flight days, contingent upon the number of students and meteorological conditions.

Eligibility Criteria and Documentation:

To participate in the Intermediate Paragliding Training Course, candidates must meet the following criteria:

  1. No health condition preventing flying from a health perspective.
  2. Suitable fitness and physique for engaging in sports activities.
  3. Possession of a P2 Beginner Paraglider Pilot certificate.

Candidates are required to submit the following documents:

  • Original and photocopy of ID card
  • Criminal record obtained within the last 6 months before the course start date, not applicable for individuals under the age of 18. (Those who are under ongoing trial for any reason or have been convicted of offenses other than negligence crimes are not accepted to the course.)
  • Blood type document (if specified on Driver’s License/ID Card)
  • Educational status document
  • Photocopy of “P2” Beginner Paraglider Pilot License
  • 4 recent passport-sized photographs taken within the last 6 months
  • Paragliding accident insurance (you can contact us for details)
  • Medical report from a family physician stating that paragliding can be performed. If necessary, a committee report stating “Fit for Flight and Jumping” may be requested from a fully-equipped hospital.
  • Commitment letter (For those under 18 years of age, a notarized consent form signed by the guardian is also required.)
  • THK stamp to be affixed to the certificate after the course.

Training Structure:

During ground training, each student is required to prepare the wing for flight, fully control it above the head, and perform the reverse takeoff position and run correctly. The training is divided into three stages:

Stage 1:

Trainees undergo 15 flights covering theoretical foundations and altitude soaring flight. Successful completion of a written exam is mandatory. Trainees are expected to autonomously conduct pre-flight preparations and landing plans under supervision.

Stage 2:

Advancing from the first stage, trainees will cover on 15 more flights exploring a diverse range of skills including reverse launch practice, basic sail flight, ear closing maneuver, 360° turns, and speed system utilization.

Stage 3:

In the final stage, trainees undertake 10 more flights focusing on advanced techniques such as spot landing approaches, soaring flight, top landing proficiency which means the trainee will land on thop of the mountain takeoff site, and beginner thermalling techniques.

Additionally, practical flight training includes 50 flights of practical flight training, basic emergency drills, and a minimum of 12 hours of flight time, with specific requirements for sail flight and thermal flight. Before and after each flight, one-on-one briefing and debriefing sessions are conducted with the students.

Equipment and Logistics:

Items provided by the training program include wing, harness, reserve, helmet, radio, SIV boat, and life jacket. Trainees are responsible for providing their own accommodation, meals, transportation, logistics, mountain entrance fees, and transportation for SIV training. Upon successful completion of the training, pilots are awarded the “THK Paragliding Certificate” and the “Paragliding Pilot License”.

Price: 2000 EUR


P4 Training Program

Course Time:

The course spans 30 days, subject to variations based on participant numbers and weather conditions.

Application Requirements: Candidates must meet specific criterias to join this adventure:

  • Good health with no problem for flying.
  • physical fitness suitable for engaging in sports activities.
  • Certification of P3 intermediate-level pilot.

Theory and Practice, Training Programe:

  • Theory and practical training with an exam (passing score: 75%).
  • Practice flight training focusing on mass flights, adherence to air traffic regulations, and mastering flight techniques varying with wind conditions.
  • 30 sessions/10 hours of thermal flying, with GPS-recorded flight durations and emergency flight actions practice.

Successful Completion and Certification:

Upon successfully completing the program, participants are awarded:

  • “THK P4 Paragliding Certificate”

Equipment Provided: We supply SIV boots and a life jacket to ensure your safety during training.

Costs Incurred by Trainees: While we provide essential equipment, participants are responsible for:

  • Sourcing their own additional equipment.
  • Covering expenses related to accommodation, meals, transportation, and travel.
  • Paying forest entry fees and transportation costs for SIV training.

Required Documentation: Ensure you have the following documents ready for the application process:

  • Original and duplicate copies of your ID card.
  • Recent criminal record issued within 6 months of the course start date (exemptions apply for individuals under 18 and those not convicted of offenses other than negligence).
  • Proof of blood type (can be indicated on a driver’s license or ID).
  • Photocopy of the “P3” intermediate paragliding pilot license.
  • Proof of flight accident insurance or documentation of premium payments via bank transfer.
  • Medical report assessing suitability for paragliding.
  • Letter of consent for applicants under 18, signed by a legal guardian and notarized.
  • Educational background documents.
  • Four recent ID photos taken within the last 6 months.

Training Locations: Experience the thrill of paragliding at our diverse training locations:

  • Mersin, Adana, Denizli, Fethiye, Kayseri, Maraş

SIV Training Location: Explore advanced techniques and full emergency scenarios at Ölüdeniz, where expert guidance ensures a safe and exhilarating learning experience.

Prepare for an intensive journey and discover the freedom of flight high above the clouds!

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