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What Is Microlighting?

A microlight is a small-scale, fuel-operated, lightweight aircraft. Also known as an ultralight, this aircraft is commonly referred to as “motorized sail wing” or “ultralight”. Resembling a minimally designed airplane, it is suitable for flying one or two people. It requires a runway for takeoff and landing safety. It undergoes permanent technical and maintenance checks by the Civil Aviation General Directorate. The use of an unchecked aircraft is strictly prohibited. Microlight flights are conducted with third-party insurance and considered as one of the safest aviation methodes.

What To See?

With a Microlight tour in Dalyan Delta, you will have the opportunity to see the Rock Tombs, the Ancient City of Kaunos, the Dalyan Delta, and the Iztuzu Beach from a bird’s-eye view, all of which are undoubtedly worth seeing. Moreover, there’s nothing quite like observing the loggerhead sea turtles and fish in the sea from above during the summer season.

How Long Does The Microlight Flight Take?

Microlight flights operate at an altitude of 300-400 meters, with a total flight time of 17 to 20 minutes, excluding takeoff and landing time (engine start-up and shutdown). There may be a slight variation of 2-3 minutes depending on weather conditions.

What Are The Limits?

The flight is carried out with 1 pilot and 1 passenger, and taking on another passenger, regardless of age, is prohibited and is also not covered by insurance. There is no age limit for flying, as long as there are no hyperactive mental issues. There is a weight limit of 120 kg for passengers, and if the passenger weighs over 120kg when weighed before the flight, the flight will be canceled.

What Should I Wear?

You only need to come dressed appropriately for the season for the flight. However, if you feel cold, our pilot, Mr. Mustafa, will provide you with a jacket.

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