Fethiye Harbor

Central Fethiye

Fethiye Harbor also represents its center. The promenade and bicycle path along the harbor offer a clean and peaceful atmosphere with views of the sea and mountains every day.

In the center of the harbor, you’ll find cafes, restaurants, bars, shops, markets, parking lots, pharmacies, and photographers, among many other things catering to the city. You can spend a social day among the mountains by simply looking up from time to time.

You can see a small dock for boats departing to Calis Beach from the harbor. Taking the boat to Calis Beach is one of the most peaceful ways to get there. You can also take daily boat tours to the 12 islands and go on a daily diving tour starting around 9-10 in the morning from Fethiye Harbor.

12 Islands Boat Tour and Daily Diving Opportunities

We recommend taking a beautiful trip to Turunc Pinari Cove, Kuleli Cove, Rabbit Island, Red Island, Samanlik Cove, and Knight Island.

For daily diving, you’ll visit 2 separate locations, although these locations may vary due to weather conditions. You can walk along the harbor to get to Calis and Karagozler. Electric scooters will surely be available when you feel tired.

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