Lycian Way

Lycian Way

Although the world-famous Lycian Way has an average pace of a one-month walking route, it offers breathtaking views where daily sports needs can easily be met. Preferred by those who want to engage in sports activities while taking a historical journey, the Lycian Way, with its scenic route spanning 555 kilometers, will be worth the walk. Starting from the Ovacık district of Muğla and ending in the Geyikbayırı Village in Antalya, the Lycian Way becomes a daily and weekly trekking route for crowded tourist groups, especially between April and June. Hosting walks that can be planned throughout the year, the Lycian Way is located in a region with a Mediterranean climate. Therefore, even in winter, it does not have cold and harsh weather and is conducive to rainfall. The most ideal time periods for walks on the Lycian Way are spring and autumn. Since the summer heat can cause early fatigue, we recommend planning a route where you can enjoy yourself.

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