Fethiye Lovers Hill

Lovers’ Hill - Telmessos Open Air Theater

Telmessos Ancient City, which bears the distinction of being the first settlement in history, is believed by many accounts to have taken its name from Telmessos, the son of Apollo. Although it is not possible to obtain much information about its history and origins, it is known to be a coastal city on the border of Lycia and Caria. The ancient theater remaining from the Telmessos Ancient City is located in a position where you can see it while passing by the road, and concerts are occasionally held there. Lovers’ Hill, which overlooks Telmessos from above and offers a grand view of Fethiye, is a place you can reach by car or on foot. You can reach Lovers’ Hill by seeing the Amintas Rock Tombs or by passing through the rows of houses where villagers live in the middle of Paspatur Bazaar with the Telmessos theater. You can have a romantic picnic against the backdrop of Karagözler, Fethiye Harbor, and Çalış on the tables and benches scattered at intervals. It will be an amazing location to start your day.

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