Story Of The Name Ölüdeniz

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A Love Story

“According to legend, in ancient times, ships passing through Fethiye would drop anchor offshore and send a small boat ashore to fetch drinking water. One day, the young and handsome son of an old captain saw the beautiful Belcekız as he came to the cove to fetch water. He fell in love with her at first sight. The girl’s heart was also set ablaze. However, the young man had to fetch water and return. The ship sailed away. Belcekız waited for the shore and her beloved ever since that day. The young man would come here to fetch water every time the ship passed through this cove. They fell in love as they went back and forth. One day, when the ship passed through the cove, a storm broke out. The young man told his father that there was a sheltered cove here, like a pool. But the father thought his son was willing to risk tearing the ship apart just to see his lover. A fight ensued with the waves, and the father threw his son into the sea with a paddle blow as the ship was about to crash into the rocks, then went to the helm. Later, he saw the cove like a sheet. His son died on the rocks right there. Belcekız, who was waiting for her lover on the rocks, threw herself off the rocks and committed suicide. That is why to this day, the place where the girl died is called Belcekız, and the place where the boy died is called Ölüdeniz.”

SVG Love illustrations by Storyset

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