Tlos Ancient City

Tlos Ancient City

Located in Seydikemer, Tlos ancient city is on the UNESCO World Heritage Temporary List and is one of the oldest settlement areas in the geography known as the Lycian Region. The most striking feature when climbing to Tlos Castle is the temple tombs carved into the rocks. Among the tombs, the most magnificent is the tomb monument belonging to Bellerophon, depicted battling the three-headed monster Chimera. Dating back to the 14th century BCE in Hittite documents as Dlawa and recorded as Tlawa in Lycian inscriptions, the acropolis at the entrance of the ancient city of Tlos impresses viewers with its dominant view over nature. We strongly recommend exploring Tlos Ancient City, which is of great archaeological value. Similar to Iskender’s Cave, one of the enjoyable ways to visit Tlos Ancient City is through Jeep Safari. If you choose to go on a Jeep Safari, we are confident that you will enjoy all the places along your route and they will hold a special place in your memories.

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